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KEF KIDS is a London based charity dedicated to supporting children and young adults with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities and their families.

BIKE4KEF was launched in 2014, and is KEF’s main annual fundraiser. The ride has become a much anticipated event in the North West London diary, and the build-up of excitement amongst riders and supporters is felt across the community and beyond.

We are delighted and grateful to invite returning and new riders to join us for BIKE4KEF 2022 for an unforgettable day, and simultaneously ensuring that KEF KIDS can keep providing the highest quality of services to the members of our community who need it most.

Please sign up using the link below to join the ride. We are excited to launch Shul teams for the first time in 2022, with riders joining their fellow shul members to train and raise funds together as well as individually. Please note that the fundraising element of the campaign will commence approximately 3 weeks before the ride; the initial focus is on training and team-building.

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What Is KEF
KEF KIDS is a London based charity dedicated to supporting children and young adults with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities and their families.

KEF provide out-of-school activities, recreational events and residential trips, including summer and winter sleep-away camps, thus providing opportunities that help the children to thrive, whilst providing their families with much needed respite. KEF's incredibly devoted and energetic volunteers ensure a caring and loving environment whilst catering to each child’s individual needs.

KEF was founded in 2006 with just four children. Today KEF has expanded to support over 100 children and young adults, with hundreds of volunteer’s worldwide becoming part of the KEF family.

Our KEF Centre
Our purpose-built KEF Centre was opened in June 2017. The Centre is fitted with specialist facilities specifically tailored to the requirements of the children and young adults attending our programmes.

Our Mission
To enhance the lives of children and young adults with physical and learning disabilities while providing much needed respite for their parents and families. KEF is an environment where each child or young adult can blossom and develop to maximise their potential through the love and individual attention that is showered upon them by KEF's dedicated team of volunteers.

How Did It All Start?
KEF KIDS was founded in 2006 and has grown from just 4 children to servicing over 100 children and young adults with various special needs across the UK. As KEF KIDS has grown, so has our shortfall! Nine years ago, a group of six men volunteered to fundraise for KEF KIDS on Purim and the MONKEEZ were born! They have become a much-loved and welcome entertainment at group parties, and donors’ responses have been heartwarming. When they saw the level of commitment that the community was showing, this inspired Motti Stimler, one of the founder “Monkeez” to take fundraising for KEF KIDS to another level, and open it to the entire community in the form of a sponsored Bikeathon. The response was phenomenal and BIKE4KEF has evolved into a much anticipated and compulsory yearly occurrence for a growing number of participants and supporters!

KEF KIDS continues to be humbled and full of gratitude to all our loyal participants who ensure the continuity of services and the organisation is thriving.

BIKE4KEF 2014 raised over £141,135.00 with 75 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2015 raised £276,923.00 with 117 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2016 raised £377,987.00 with 140 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2017 raised £428,355.00 with 136 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2018 raised £553,310.00 with 179 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2019 raised £638,510.00 with 190 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2020 raised £677,487.00 with 197 riders.
BIKE4KEF 2021 raised £651,830.00 with 200 riders.

Our target
Setting this year’s target at £750,000.00, we aim to continue the momentum of upward growth that this exciting project has enjoyed thus far, both in terms of funds raised, and in terms of participants. KEF KIDS’s respite support for its families has been a lifeline over the years, and the organisation is constantly improving the level and range of services on offer to families.  Funds raised from BIKE4KEF have always been KEF KIDS’s main source of income.   Our BIKE4KEF riders are our ambassadors - and this year every rider’s commitment to reach and surpass their individual goals will be even more important.   We anticipate maximum participation and appreciate all your efforts!

Due to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations changing the second May bank holiday this year’s ride will once again take a one-day format.  The ride will take place on Sunday 3rd July 2022.  Departure and arrival details together with exact timings will be confirmed closer to the ride.

Riders will once again be able to choose from 100km and 100 mile route alternatives.  (Riders should be aware that the 100 mile route is designed only for seasoned riders who can comfortably complete the additional mileage with little support.)
FOR 2022 – NEW RIDERS ONLY:  50km route option is available!
Further route information will be shared closer to the ride.

A specialised company is carefully planning the alternate routes, and marshals will support riders along all route options.   As always, there will be pit stops along all routes. 

KEF has never let our riders or their families down!
Finish line details will be announced in due course – watch this space!

An appropriate bike
A helmet (compulsory)
Bottle cage (ideally 2) attached to your bike
Spare set of inner tubes specific to your tyres will reduce any downtime should you get a puncture along the route
Waterproof jacket (recommended)

If you are considering joining BIKE4KEF , you must be:

Male, and over 18 yrs old
Fit enough to cycle a 100km route
Healthy and in good shape to ensure your safety throughout the ride
Well trained and adequately prepared for a full fun day of cycling TRAINING

BIKE4KEF is around 100km or 100 miles in length, depending on your choice, distances that are very difficult to complete in one session without prior training. We strongly recommend participants to ride at least 2-3 times weekly, until you are comfortable riding at least 50-60km.


Please follow the links below:

Training and preparing for the ride:

What to take with you on the ride: